Take A Trip Into Yesteryear!

Learn about:

  • The people who discovered gold in Battle Creek
  • The people who located Keystone's gold mines
  • The people who founded the Town of Keystone
  • The Black Hills Gold Rush
  • The Black Hills Tin Boom
  • The people who carved Mount Rushmore
  • Gutzon Borglum - the Sculptor
  • Peter Norbeck and Iron Mountain Road
  • CC Gideon and the Pigtail Bridges
  • Carrie Ingalls and The Little House on the Prairie
  • Wild Horse Harry Hardin and Sugar Babe
  • Keystone Consolidated Gold Mine, ca 1895 LIVING HISTORY SCHOOL Keystone, South Dakota


Keystone Victorian schoolhouse built in 1900 in historic downtown Keystone.


Open 9-3 Daily

This Living History is put on by the Black Hills Retired Teachers.  The event is open to school age children and occurs on Wednesday through Friday each week in May. The cost is $2.00 per person.  Experience hands on classroom from the early 1890s, including old-time activities. The girls wear bonnets and pinafores. The boys wear caps and suspenders.

Learn more about Carrie Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, who lived in Keystone for 36 years.

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