Take A Trip Into Yesteryear!

Learn about:

  • The people who discovered gold in Battle Creek
  • The people who located Keystone's gold mines
  • The people who founded the Town of Keystone
  • The Black Hills Gold Rush
  • The Black Hills Tin Boom
  • The people who carved Mount Rushmore
  • Gutzon Borglum - the Sculptor
  • Peter Norbeck and Iron Mountain Road
  • CC Gideon and the Pigtail Bridges
  • Carrie Ingalls who lived in Keystone for 36 years and The Little House on the Prairie
  • Wild Horse Harry Hardin and Sugar Babe
  • Keystone Consolidated Gold Mine, ca 1895 LIVING HISTORY SCHOOL Keystone, South Dakota


Keystone Victorian schoolhouse built in 1900 in historic downtown Keystone at 410 3rd Street.

When:   Monday-Friday 10am-4pm,  Saturday, 10am-2pm 



Call: (605) 666 - 4494 for information or please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thanks!